Hinokiribbon's shoecare with hinoki in Miyoshi

We who receive benefit from a forest and a sea, We wish to become nature and a forest and a sea or health. We want you to be conscious of more our hope. Our hinoki cypress is reborn as hinki-ribbon by reuse. A shoecare of this fish type was born to become a symbol of our hope. The natural drying of hinoki cypress by the sun and wind. This Hinoki is reborn as hinoki-ribbon by our project.

Name: Connect Sea with Forest Hinokiribbon's shoecare
Price: 1,000yen (Tax Not Included)
Size: [Body] H: 55mm x W:200mm × D:50mm
Weight: 15g
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Appeal Point

A fragrance of hinoki cypress starts by pulling a drawstring of goods.
The unpleasant smell of the shoes can be reduced by putting it in shoes.
you can be healed by looking at the fish a form of Japanese pattern fabric. and even if a visitor can see, doesn't worry.
It's the natural material without the chemicals, so you can use surely.
in addition to for recreation at work, You can put in a travel bag, you can put in the closet. When the smell is thinner, can be replaced the contents, it is ecological products.