Morino Rug

“Hinatabokko®” Morino Rug

Its features are natural-drying (sun-drying) and non-coating, so you can feel original fragrance and texture of hinoki cypress.
This product provides bounty of forests and comfortable space to your space.
The product is 1790mmx1790mm  in size and has frames, which make it easy for a woman to assemble it by herself.

You can receive one-time free refreshing service with our original packaging box  and free pick up service when it is unwanted any more. Those after services allow for maintenance of fragrance and fineness of the product.
Order production will be started on Aug.9, 2017.


You don’t have to prepare any special tools since all necessary tools are contained in the set.
A woman can assemble them easily with the provided rubber hammer and screwdriver. It takes about 40 minutes to assemble them.

All you have to do is to fit flooring parts like a puzzle.
8 positions are screw fastened at the corners, and 16 positions are screw fastened at the frames.

Since “Hinatabokko®” Morino Rug is not coated, if you want to take out scratch or stain on the surface, we offer surface shaving service (refreshing service) which restores its original fineness and fragrance.

[Free services included in sales price 200,000 yen (tax excluded)]
・Free one-time refreshing service within 3 years and free one-time product exchange within 3 years due to deformation from dehydration, etc. You are required to use our original packaging box. (free delivery fee both ways)
・Free pick up service when it is unwanted any more (A delivery payment invoice is included)

[Additional paid services] ・Refreshing service after the 2nd time (5,000 yen + delivery fee)
・Product exchange due to damage other than deformation of wood


Since sun-dried hinoki cypress “Hinatabokko®” is dried slowly without heated, much volatile flavor components “for example, monoterpenes” remain. Using uncoated wood, it has no smell of coating. Flavor components of natural hinoki cypress perform many effects such as immunity enhancement (*1) by α‐pinene, stimulating effect by d‐limonene, corpus luteum hormone (female hormones) adjustment effect by α-Copaene, antibacterial effect, or mite-proof. Also, hinoki cypress controls humidity of indoor space by absorbing and desorbing moisture.
(*1) See Report of Review Meeting of Wood Merit (59pp, 109pp) by Council for Promotion of Wood Architecture (General Incorporated Association) [PDF]


Conform to CFP (Carbon Footprint of Products) Communication Program (Hiroshima version, Tokyo version)
LCA analysis is in progress with associate professor Kensuke Kobayashi of Prefectural University of Hiroshima, Environmental Science Course
We analysed flavor components of natural hinoki cypress dried naturally and artificially at Food Technology Research Center of Hiroshima Prefectural Technology Research Institute.