“Hinohako” is a handmade gift box which holds a bottle of sake.
It is made from the hinoki tree in Hiroshima, the sake is also made from Hiroshima, too.
Hinoki is a famous tree that tells traditional Japanese culture and many shrines and temples are built with hinoki.
This box has beautiful latticework inside and you can smell the fragrance of the hinoki tree. They’ll make you feel relax and comfortable.
We prepare five type of plate, that made of titanium, on the box. Four of them stand for four seasons, spring, summer, autumn and winter. The another is an original design of an artist.
The total number of the box is limited, 25 boxes are for each seasons, and 11 boxes are for original design.
Even after drinking sake, you can use this box for other thing as a bottle stand and a display. We want you to use this box for a long time,
It is also good present for your dearest person.


59,400 yen (sake; 5,400 yen / box; 54,000 yen (seasons plate))
75,600 yen (sake; 5,400 yen / box; 70,200 yen (original plate))

How to order

*Please fill in the application form and send it here. [→ application page]
*We’ll send you an e-mail within 24 hours after we confirm your order.
*Please let us have your payment within 7 days after you receive our e-mail.
*Because the box is handmade, it will take about 2 months to receive the box.
*Because the box is handmade one by one, we may stop receiving application if we have over 20 orders in a months.
*Each of the boxes has a serial number, we will choose your number at random, (1 to 111)
*The serial number from 101 to 111 are original design’s one, so please specify the number you want.
*If you want to specify the serial number, you need an additional fee.(10,800yen)
*Specifying the serial number will be reserved on a first-come-first-served basis.
*You can check the reservation condition here.
*You can’t cancel and change your reservation.