Kokoron Pool

Forest of Toys [Kokoron Pool]

Various woods including hinoki cypress of Hiroshima “Hinatabokko®” with rounded edges are formed into a pool which has woody fragrance. The product can be used as building block and can be used for make-believe play. You can enjoy difference of weight or fragrance of those tree species and play with five senses.


[Contents] Kokoron
[Materials]Hinoki cypress of Hiroshima (Hinatabokko®)/Chestnut tree/ Zelkova/Cherry tree/Camphor/Ceder/Hiba cypress/Magnolia
Tree species other than Hinoki cypress are variable.
[Regular Price]200,000 yen/1,000 pieces (216,000 yen including tax)

[Contents]Kokoron Pool Circle ,Φ2m, Bent ceder wood
[Regular Price]200,000 yen (216,000 yen including tax)
※ Feel free to contact us about a slide.
※ 3,000-4000 pieces are required to fill the circle.


This is a very popular wood ball pool. Unlike a normal coated wood ball pool, the balls with rounded edges have several shapes such as triangle, square, ellipse, and trapezoid, as well as several tree species. You can feel difference of their fragrance, texture, and weight because they are not coated. You can use it for treasure hunt or as building blocks.