About Hinatabokko


"Japanese style" rather than "Japanese form", is of the highest quality building materials and beyond the time of thousand years, tells of formal beauty.
lofty fragrance its scent is used in timber of jingu shrine, It is famous as a tree representing Japanese culture.
Its name "Hinoki" were born from the character of the "日" that represents the sun.

What is Hinatabokko?

Hinatabokko is a wood material of hinoki cypress of Hiroshima which were grown up in the biggest woods in Western Japan, and then naturally dried(sun-dried)slowly for more than 6 months with sunlight and wind. The hinoki cypress of Hiroshima are dried slowly under the sun in the airy roofed place.
Sun and wind enable wood to have nice and fine pink woody texture when cut.
Flavor components are abundant since they were naturally dried.
The special feature of Hinoki cypress of Hiroshima is its citrus fragrance with fresh sweetness which has less irritating smell peculiar to hinoki cypress, compared to other local wood.

Kanna ribbon

The natural drying of hinoki cypress by the sun and wind.
This Hinoki is reborn as Kanna ribbon by our project.

Hiroshima Miyoshi

The conditions that good-quality hinoki cypress is done are a morning, the evening temperature difference and clean water. Located on the plateau of the Chugokumountains, where Hiroshima Prefecture-Miyoshi-City, are combining all. Izumotaisha use in "Sengu" rebuilding of hinoki cypress has been brought up into the Miyoshi-shi. This is natural flow. It is born from a forest in western Japan 1, We'll deliver a gem of the hinoki cypress which did natural dry from Miyoshi-shi.